Services and skills of Aces Digitale.

Online Market research has transformed the way Market Research studies were being done traditionally by reducing down the Full cycle time of a research study and also by reducing the cost of conducting study.

Our Online MR service offering, focuses on bringing time to launch the study to near real time for moderate complexity levels projects, leveraging the difference in the time zones of the customer and of our delivery centre.

Our services come bundled with unique consulting services to understand and meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. Focus on Panelist engagement and motivation at all stages of design and programming, to ensure a good data quality, is another value add which makes our research services so unique. We provide research services on following application areas of Research:


Quantitative methodologies range includes F2F, CAPI, CAWI, CATI, PAPI, and WATI, and we conduct all these methods via our experienced interviewers who have been extensively trained and educated on quantitative market research. Our interviewers also undergo project specific and mock interviewing sessions to help maximise the gains from the project at hand. To allow for better statistical interpretation, quantitative market research studies most often take the form of a structured closed-question questionnaire initiated either over the phone, on the street, by post or through web-based sessions. Whether you want to undertake 1000+ interviews or just a handful, Aces Digitale team is here to help you and gives you confident to complete the project within timeline.

Online Research is increasingly becoming popular all around the globe for obvious reasons. It is most efficiently used when trying to quickly reach large target audiences, using a pre-existing list of email contacts, which can help reduce costs. If you are interested in carrying out more qualitative online market research, we are able to offer online focus groups and web-enabled depth interviews with consumers and businesses.

Business research

- Consumer Behaviour Research

- Channel Partner / Supplier satisfaction

- Brand

- Customer satisfaction